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Bulk SMS Reseller

Request for your own bulksms website today from Classiclink and enjoy a rare benefit of selling sms and other products like voice sms and airtime.

Classiclink will provide for you a fully branded bulk sms website with your own Company Name.The site will give you total control on your bulk sms customers using our new bulk sms reseller panel. Our Bulk SMS Reseller System provides you a hassle free web interface with your company name.

With your bulksms website installation, you will enjoy :

  • A fully functional bulk SMS reseller website
  • FREE reseller panel setup
  • Low reseller price
bulk SMS reseller

More benefits you will enjoy and you can’t find anywhere else

  • A background window service to automate transactional alerts (bank alerts)
  • A mobile wap-site
  • Programmed sms -- extract phone numbers directly from database and send sms
  • Get summary report categorized by networks and date
  • Get delivery reports
  • Offer resellers your own (working) sms API
  • Offer resellers a delivery report api and summary report api

One thing you can never take away from a young dynamic self motivating individual is his/her quick initiative to respond and take advantage of opportunities at its slightest appearance. We put before you these innovative services that is aquired by all coperate organisation in the world, and if you can just take these offer? It will supprise you that you can make your returns in 'six figures'.

Please see below the comments of some of our partners:

"Working as a reseller with classiclink is Ok , their products really meet some critical business needs in the society, i am not pretty cool with marketing though but taking these products to relevant clients has been quite easy, they seem to always expect me before i get there, now i am not so desperate for a paid job anymore."
- Seun Ojedokun (Fresh Graduate)

"Bulk SMS is not a new service to me, so selling it did not require much training for me. Classiclink Voice SMS and IVR are pretty impressive and their customer support channel is good too."
- Kingsley Udoh

"I have been a bulk sms reseller for Classiclink Technology for about 3 years now and its been smooth all the way. The success I had and still have with the airtime module and voice sms module has been simply fabulous. "
- - Chukwuma Obi (Fresh Graduate)

"Classiclink migrated my old site to their reseller site and my sales has boosted a great deal. Thank you Classiclink for your unwavering support."
- Michael Adekanmi

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