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Classic Banker


 If you desire to have witty innovations that will offer convenience, appeal to your customers & attract new customers, if you also desire to run an idea that your immediate competitors are yet to have then we are glad to introduce to you a user-friendly, revenue generating mobile application.

A solution that runs on all java enabled phones, black berry phones, ipads and galaxy tabs thereby allowing you to perform mobile banking services smoothly and quickly.
It essentially will delocalise your services by taking common banking services to your customers any where they are thereby offering them the convenience of carrying out their transactions effortlessly.
Apart from banking services, the application will extend your relevance by providing a platform where customers can pay utility bills from their bank accounts at an agreed service charge.


When your field agents visit the customers, they can use the application to collect the customers transaction details - either credit or debit- which will send the information to digital realms server at the office to update the customer’s account at real time, it then returns a delivery confirmation back to the mobile application so that both the officer and the customer are sure that the transaction is successful.
The following services can be performed on the mobile application
Checking of account balance 
Credit Transaction
Debit transaction 
Money transfer between customers 
Money transfer to other banks
Furthermore, the benefit goes an extra mile by allowing the customer to also have access to the application on his hand held device so that he can perform a self service by being able to seamlessly perform the following without any human assistance 
Check Account Balance 
Transfer money to another customer


It gives an edge to the bank 
It makes you serve your customers better
The convenience it offers will attract new customers 
It’s a good strategy to bring new customers on board
It makes the bank indispensible to the customers
Most importantly, it generates revenue for the bank 


The requirements for this solution are burden free as it relieves the you of stress of providing a 24/7 public access to your server and it protect your database from direct cloud access.
They are listed below: 
A cloud server to host your database of customer account balances 
Selected smart phones with gprs access
A two way replication application that interfaces between your internal (restricted) database and your cloud database.
A standalone application that provides a console of new transactions from your cloud database for a second level authorisation. 
A public IP on your application server (optional)


 Let’s deploy this solution for you as soon as possible and out run your competitors.
 Please treat this material as confidential

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