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Classiclink Products

Classiclink Products

Classiclink sms alert service:

It’s a fully functional background service that checks for transactions in a given data store at a defined interval and transmits sms to the beneficiary within the shortest possible time. The service is powered by a generic configuration file that binds to any application database.
Note that the service requires no human intervention to set, start or stop anything so it appears to the customer as though it’s the business application that is transmitting sms as transactions occur. It requires no training and hence no extra manpower 
to manage it. It is seamless, friendly, convenient and yet effective as this is the motivation behind the development of the service. 

Classiclink Email Alert Service

Classiclink with the use of credible and enterprise email gateways offer email alert services to her 
clients for daily transactional email alerts. Due to the infrastructures we use, email delivery into customers mail inbox is guaranteed.
The email alert service is undoubtedly an indispensible option for achieving optimal information dissemination as almost all investors are now accustomed with the use of the email communication tool. Our clients  - with an appealing HTML friendly mail content - further earns her customers trust and confidence by further sending periodic and timely information to her customers via a bulk email gateway. The use of email service will be useful to sending the following types of information: 
Customers contribution alert 
Customers quarterly statements 
Customers periodic statement at request
Birthday wishes
Pin notifications
Newsletters to customers 
The service is diagrammatically described below:

Telephony Services 

Interactive Voice Response -IVR
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology that allows a computer to detect voice and dual-tone multi-frequency signalling (DTMF) keypad inputs. IVR technology is used extensively in telecommunication
IVR systems can respond with pre-recorded or dynamically generated audio to further direct users on how to proceed on their request.
 IVR allows customers to access an information repository via a telephone keypad or by speech recognition, after which they can service their own inquiries by following the instructions.

Automated voice calls

Often sought as voice(bulk)sms. The VOIP gateway dials the numbers of your highly valued customers/members and plays a (pre)recorded voice message (usually the voice of the conveyer of the promoted brand ) when the phone is picked. This message can  be complimentary/festive greetings or any other general information needed to be broadcasted to a target audience.

Mobile Application for MFBs 

Mobile programming is no doubt a fast moving technology trend and client server applications now have a mobile tier, we develop a mobile interface for application vendors who are willing to outsource the development. For instance we have a mobile banking application for microfinance banks which seamlessly interacts with their business solution.
Pluggable Web Portal for MFB Client/Server Applications
Since we focus on building 3rd party solutions and hence add value to enterprise micro finance bank applications, we have developed a customisable, pluggable web portal that can extend information from any standard (MFB) business application via the web interface.
The portal once integrated successfully will allow the banks’ customers access their account statement online and perform other approved basic banking demands.
The portal can also be used by the bank employees to perform some of their banking tasks remotely

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